£24,964pa pro rata (3 days per week)


About the organisation

LGBT Consortium is the UK’s national umbrella body for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans voluntary and community organisations.
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Job Description

Working as part of Consortium’s existing Engagement team, be the key contact for Consortium’s Membership of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Voluntary & Community Groups across the 33 London Boroughs. In partnership with the Digital and Social Engagement Officer at GMFA/HERO, the officer will be responsible for working with Members on a range of issues (e.g. good governance & financial accountability) to enable LGBT voices to be heard. The role will also work with LGBT organisations to identify new collaborative opportunities and support a sustainable and resilient LGBT sector, as well as providing direct one to one support.

The role will be responsive to the needs of the Membership and provide them with diverse opportunities to engage, network and share knowledge and resources. 

Main Duties

  • Working with the Digital and Social Engagement Officer at GMFA/HERO and our Consortium Engagement Manager, keep up to date and accurate records of LGBT services and organisations across all London Boroughs
  • Develop interactive consultation opportunities for LGBT organisations to engage in the development of the future of LGBT civil society in London
  • Create an LGBT hosted visits programme, for LGBT organisations across Boroughs to share understanding and learning of each other’s work, with a view to future collaboration
  • Develop strong protocols to ensure diverse LGBT services and organisations feel included within the development and delivery of this project
  • In conjunction with the Engagement Team at Consortium, provide one to one support and guidance to LGBT organisations across London on a diverse range of community development issues (including but not limited to fundraising, governance, engagement, skills development and diversification)
  • In line with our network development work, develop and coordinate a London-wide LGBT network to promote collaboration and good communication across LGBT organisations
  • Coordinate training sessions in line with the needs of LGBT services across London
  • Support the development of a pan-London publicity campaign to increase awareness of LGBT services and organisations, and to promote new ways of working with LGBT organisations
  • Identifying key sustainability and resilience issues for the LGBT sector
  • Help develop policy issues and responses important to the LGB&T third sector

General Duties

  • To be able to work effectively and efficiently in an unsupervised environment
  • Regularly communicate with the LGBT Consortium Engagement Team and the Digital and Social Engagement Officer at GMFA/HERO.
  • To act at all times in the best interest of Consortium and its Membership
  • To prepare for and attend regular supervision sessions, conducted by the Membership and Engagement Manager
  • Undertake appropriate administrative tasks as become relevant, including monitoring requirements for the funder
  • To carry out other duties as may from time to time be reasonably required 

Person Specification


  • Experience of delivering direct support to voluntary and community organisations
  • Demonstrable knowledge of policy development and engagement within communities of interest
  • Demonstrable knowledge of LGB & Trans issues
  • Experience of facilitating effective meetings
  • Demonstrable ability to deliver effective & engaging training sessions
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Access and Outlook)
  • Experience of developing a strong publicity campaign
  • A thorough understanding of cross-cutting and intersecting issues for LGB & Trans communities
  • Experience & strong commitment to communicating clearly throughout a project with stakeholders
  • Ability to work well as part of a small team
  • Ability to be self-motivated and ability to take initiative
  • Ability to produce high-quality written reports


  • Experience of working within the LGB&T voluntary sector
  • Experience of dealing with the media
  • Ability to motivate and engage hard to reach stakeholders
  • Track record of co-ordinating a large funded project

These skills and competencies will be tested in the application form and subsequently within the interview process. 

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