£16,080.00 (£26,800.00 pro rata)


Job Description

Nazarene Theological College is a research-led partner college of The University of Manchester. Situated in Didsbury, Manchester, the College is an institution of the Church of the Nazarene.  Founded in 1944, NTC has some 250 students (both full and part time), across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study, representing some forty different nationalities. The College also prepares candidates for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene. 

The college operates with clear Strategic Areas:

  • We will be academically innovative and research led
  • We will foster community that is intentionally Christ like
  • We will engage in key missional partnerships with integrity
  • We will build our reputation for excellence and
  • We will strengthen our resource base to ensure a sustainable future

And with clear values:

We value excellence, relationships and learning and seek to manifest this in all that we do.

Key Areas of Responsibility

The primary responsibility of this role is:

To co-ordinate NTC’s marketing and fundraising functions with the aim of raising the profile of the College and enhancing income streams.

  1. To actively participate in shaping Nazarene Theological College’s Christian ethos and development within the market.
  2. To work with senior leaders to develop and lead the Marketing and Fundraising Strategy including a clear annual map of public relation events, fundraising events to coordinate/agree their facilitation. Driving the strategy within a Christian Framework and ethos.
  3. Be the formal and primary link between the external marketing company and NTC to develop key promotional pieces
  4. Be the formal and primary link and liaise and communicate with a range of entities (e.g. marketing company, printers, publications, advertisers, social media, etc.)
  5. Establish a working pattern to engage with other core team members from the public relations, marketing, recruitment and fundraising teams.
  6. Liaise as necessary with others in order to enable fundraising and marketing to be run professionally for agreed purposes (e.g. bookings and housekeeping).
  7. Liaise as necessary with others in order to enable external bookings/events to be run professionally for agreed purposes (e.g. bookings and housekeeping).
  8. Managing the signing off of publicity material both internally and externally: This will include any entity that uses our corporate brand and identity (e.g. MWRC, SSCM).

Key Deliverables

  1. To meet with the Principal, Director of Development and HR and others as necessary monthly
  2. To create a strategic and dynamic marketing plan
  3. To meet with the core internal public relations, publicity and recruitment team
  4. To meet as necessary with the external Marketing company
  5. To meet as necessary with the fundraising volunteers
  6. To work with the Recruiter and Alumni Coordinator on a strategic level
  7. To line manage the Recruiter and Alumni Coordinator
  8. To oversee the budget line held by NTC and work with the budget requirements of the external marketing company 

Work Expectations

  1. You will work the equivalent of three day per week on this project.
  2. You will need to be at appropriate meetings as requested.

Financial Arrangements

Our aim in all our programmes is to ensure that we make a profit for the organisation so we can continue to grow and develop the college.

Nazarene Theological College Vision

As God’s holy people we aspire to be a learning community reflecting the love of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Dedicated to excellence in theological education we intentionally foster character formation within contexts that are both practical and reflective.

Nazarene Theological College Employment Ethos

The College is committed to the active pursuit of an Equal Opportunities Policy which addresses the need and right of everybody in the College to be treated with dignity and respect, in an environment in which a diversity of backgrounds, traditions and experiences is valued.  It aims to create the conditions whereby prospective and existing students and staff are treated solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential, regardless of any irrelevant distinction.

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