London, Barnet, UK
£40,000 - £45,000 per year
Permanent, Full-time
Job description

The post holder will sit within the Senior Management Team and will provide leadership and operational support to the CEO for the management of all clinical services. The post holder will play a key role in overseeing MW’s wellbeing and clinical services to ensure robust clinical support and safe delivery of practice across all settings. The post holder will work closely with other members of the senior management team including the Operations and Service Development Manager (OSDM) and IAPT Clinical Lead, to lead on and/or contribute to the development of MW’s services and its strategic goals.

As the Head of Wellbeing and Clinical Services, the post holder will lead by example and act as a positive role model for all staff by ensuring that all staff fulfil the requirements of their job descriptions and adhere to all organisational policies and procedures.

The post holder will ensure that the staff are appropriately supported and delivering a safe service based on the processes and protocols of the respective service, including NICE guidelines and protocols established by MW’s NHS Trust partners, where appropriate.

The post holder will be responsible for the development and leadership of MW’s wellbeing and clinical services, from client experience to complex care provision.


In the IAPT Service, they will ensure:

  • In conjunction with the IAPT clinical lead, the service is implemented and developed in line with national and local IAPT guidelines
  • The service meets its Key Performance Indications as outlined in the service contract, including but not limited to treatment timescales, access and recovery rates
  • Therapists are attending the required level of clinical supervision as delivered by the IAPT Clinical Lead, Step 2 and Step 3 supervisors

In the BWH Service, they will ensure:

  • Referrals are paper screened based on risk and presentation for suitability
  • Provide case management supervision on complex cases, and those presenting with risk, working to support the Senior Wellbeing Navigator
  • Regularly attend and contribute to the Multi-disciplinary Team discussions at the Joint Case Management meetings to ensure formulation of tailored wellbeing plans

In the IVS Service, they will ensure:

  • The service meets the key performance indicators such as intervention timescales
  • The service aims to promote independence and resilience
  • The service connects individuals with appropriate agencies through onward referral and connection based on their needs
  • The staff team are supported with case management supervision on a regular basis

The post holder will ensure that the clinical governance arrangements including risk management are adhered to; support the OSDM to staff requirements including recruitment, selection and retention; support the OSDM in the development of good practice, to improve and evolve the processes and systems to meet the demands of the services.

The post holder will oversee the accurate record keeping for assessments and interventions in the respective services, ensuring high quality detailed notes are recorded in a timely manner.

The post holder is the Named Lead for Safeguarding, Risk Management and Information Governance Management for the organisation.


Main Duties and Responsibilities

To provide strong leadership, cultivate a culture of clinical excellence and a robust clinical governance across all services in line with best practice:

  • Provide support and oversight for good use of client or patient database and monitor effectiveness
  • Work with the Chief Executive and the senior management team to monitor staff/practitioners/clinicians’ performance every month
  • Produce service reports for steering group and contract meetings
  • Produce reports, attend and contribute to MW’s board meetings every quarter
  • Produce end of project reports and evaluation as necessary
  • Deputise for the Chief Executive when necessary
  • Assist the Chief Executive with fundraising applications to NHS Trusts and charitable trust foundations


Across all services, the post holder will be expected to:

  • Attend and represent MW in all professional and service meetings, including regular contract review, performance monitoring and steering group meetings
  • Monitor and review service targets and performance that reflect client screenings, treatment and recovery.
  • Provide the clinical input and support to the OSDM to improve the clinical elements of service interventions, and help to implement on-going service developments
  • Keep apprised of new developments e.g. in relation to short-term therapeutic interventions, social prescribing and community transformation and transition services, relevant to the respective service


In the IAPT service:

  • Work closely with BEHMHT clinical and management colleagues
  • Promote the service and increase access for people with mild to moderate anxiety and depression including groups and communities who are underrepresented in the service.

In the BWH service:

  • Work closely with the OSDM to provide highlights of the service including client presentations, complex case discussions and identifying the key needs and themes experienced in the community, to inform commissioners of the ongoing service delivery
  • Support the OSDM in developing partnerships and fostering relationships with key stakeholders including commissioners, statutory services, other VCS organisations and service user groups

In the IVS service:

  • Support the OSDM in promoting the service and increasing access for those identified by BEHMHT’s colleagues as suitable to be transitioned into the community.
  • Support the OSDM in instilling the ethos of the WT CIC and MW in the staff team, providing the motivation and empowering the staff team to perform to the best of their ability and meeting the KPIs demanded by the service
  • Work collaboratively as part of the Core Locality Multi-Disciplinary Team with clients to develop their co-produced, tailored recovery plan based on their wellbeing goals and promote personal responsibility
  • Support the OSDM to work collaboratively with WT CIC partners to ensure the service meets the required service targets and KPIs


Information and Resources

Within all the key services, staff are required to record accurate contacts and engagement with service users on a regular basis.

The post holder will:

  • Ensure the data quality across the service is to a very high standard and work with the BEHMHT to ensure they are able to run regular reports to provide the up to date and accurate performance monitoring reports to commissioners.
  • Ensure that staff complete all the information requirements as agreed by the existing processes and local protocols.
  • Support the generation of regular reports in the IAPT service, working with the team administrators to extract information from the IAPTus database to complete reports for regular contract review/performance monitoring meetings
  • Support the generation of regular reports in the BWH service, providing the clinical narrative behind the data and highlighting key trends within the service
  • Support the generation of regular reports in the IVS service to capture key performance indicators as stipulated in the performance contract issued to WT CIC.


Clinical Services

MW’s wellbeing services cater for a wide range of mental health and wellbeing presentations in the community. The majority of cases will present with mild to moderate depression and anxiety with additional issues around their social determinants, such as housing and benefits. However, across all services, we will encounter individuals suffering from and experiencing complex mental health issues such as Personality Disorders, Severe and complex Trauma, Psychosis, Domestic Violence, Multiple and recurring abuse, ADHD, Autism, Drugs and Alcohol abuse etc. The post holder will have a strong knowledge of these issues and managing cases with these presentations, and will oversee:


Across all services:

  • Ensure staff are appropriately skilled and trained to deliver the service
  • Clinical governance arrangements are in place to cover all clinical activity
  • To develop and ensure implementation of Policies and Procedures for operation of the services
  • Ensure staff attend their clinical supervision sessions as requested by their respective clinical supervisors, and adhere to and follow the guidance provided to ensure a safe service, implemented in line with the latest NICE guidelines where applicable
  • Protocols and arrangements are in place so that people can be stepped up and down to and from and within the service as required


The IVS service is required to support those transitioning from secondary care services, such as the community mental health teams, into the community in as seamless manner as possible. People accessing the service may be experiencing Personality Disorder and other complex presentations, as well as mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Though the clinical case supervision for all staff will be provided by BEHMHT clinical staff, the post holder will oversee the service to:

Across the IAPT service and IVS:

  • Ensure staff attend their clinical supervision sessions as requested by their respective clinical supervisors, and adhere to and follow the guidance provided to ensure a safe service, implemented in line with the latest NICE guidelines where applicable
  • Protocols and arrangements are in place so that people can be stepped up and down to and from and within the service as required
  • Work collaboratively with MWS and WT CIC partners to ensure the service meets the required service targets and KPIs

In the BWH service:

  • Provide case management supervision for BWH’s Wellbeing Navigator staff, and consulting the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) discussions for complex cases


Clinical Responsibility and Governance

  • Adhere to all clinical policies and procedures.
  • Maintain high clinical standards in all aspects of the work.
  • Support staff to undertake risk assessment and risk management for individual clients and to provide advice on psychological aspects of risk assessment and risk management in line with BEHMHT Trust policies and procedures, including work with clients deemed as vulnerable adults.
  • Drive improvement through client engagement
  • Work in partnership with other disciplines and to maintain links with statutory and non-statutory agencies as appropriate.
  • The post holder will act as the designated lead for Risk Management and Safeguarding across MW’s services. They will possess the confidence and experience to support other team members to manage and deal with risk situations as and when they arise.
  • Jointly with other members of the senior management team, ensure thorough investigation of complaints and incidents and take remedial action to address any identified concerns.
  • Jointly with the OSDM and the Chief Executive, ensure all complaints and concerns are handled effectively and efficiently, in accordance with MW’s procedures.


Education and Training

The post holder will ensure mandatory training is undertaken and relevant CPD opportunities for all staff including PWPs, CPD opportunities for Wellbeing Navigators and IVS workers; and deliver/support the delivery of regular internal clinical skills training sessions across the team.


Management, Recruitment, Policy Development

The post holder’s responsibilities include:

  • Helping to ensure that all policies and procedures are developed and implemented (or updated from time to time) for the safe running of the service, and in line with the BEHMHT policies where applicable
  • Help with the development and implementation of all clinical governance arrangements for the services.
  • Support the development of the staffing strategy, recruitment, selection and induction. Actively participate in staff recruitment, including the short-listing and as a member of the interview panel for all clinical and frontline staff across MW’s wellbeing services.
  • Maintain relationships with other delivery partners including the BEHMHT, MWS and WT CIC partners, commissioners, stakeholders and other VCS organisations.
  • Ensure that all aspects of the service meet the standards as laid down by NICE guidelines
  • Help towards ensuring that all reports required are produced and submitted on time.
  • Regular and clear communication to all team members and senior management team.



All staff working within the organisation will be expected to comply with the MW staff code of conduct, and to comply with local and national professional standards as required in their roles. The post holder will be expected to:

  • Maintain standards of practice according to the employer and any regulating bodies. 
  • Ensure all aspects of confidentiality relating to both the service and individuals are maintained at all times with a clear understanding and implementation of GDPR data protection regulations
  • Participate in individual performance review and respond to agreed objectives.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of professional standards expected in the service. Work is carried out within the agreed policies and procedures and in adherence with NICE guidelines



  • To maintain up to date knowledge of legislation, national and local policies and issues in relation to both the specific client group and mental health.
  • To comply with the Professional Codes of Conduct and to be aware of changes in these.  
  • To comply with all relevant service policies, procedures and guidelines, including those relating to Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety and Confidentiality of Information and to be aware of any changes in these.
  • To be aware of both the UK Data Protection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, Access to Health Records Act 1990, and other relevant legislation and comply with their provisions at all times.


Quality & Patient Safety

The post holder will be expected to adhere and comply with the following policies and the governance framework of Meridian Wellbeing and the Wellbeing Together CIC, including NICE guidance and best practice guidelines. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Protection of Children & Vulnerable Adults
  • Incident Reporting
  • Identification, management and reduction of risk
  • Monitoring of quality and compliance
  • Health and Safety, and the environment for patients/clients, visitors and staff
  • Infection Control
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Health and Safety
  • Information Governance


Organisational Change

As services develop and change, the post holder may be required to undertake other responsibilities within MW. These may include responsibilities such as the support of activities and events that promote the awareness and development of the organisation, and contribute to the ongoing efforts in fundraising.



This job description is an outline, which reflects the present requirements of the post and is not intended to be an inflexible or finite list of duties and responsibilities. As these duties and responsibilities change and develop the job description will be amended from time to time in consultation with the post holder.

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