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Minka, whose translation of the Quechua language means mutual help, is a social and community development project that works together with the most vulnerable inhabitants of the Peruvian Andes, and that executes several voluntary projects, focusing especially on improving the well-being of women and men. children.

More than eight years ago, we have been developing social projects directly in those Andean cities subject to social, economic and cultural exclusion. It is precisely in those areas where most people, descendants of the ancient Inca state, live with the greatest problems of economic development here in Peru. The English program for children (apart from other valuable educational and organizational support and empowerment programs) is carried out in marginalized communities in the central Andes of the central Andes, Peru, which gives these children the opportunity to acquire skills basic English that can help them in their future education and increase their employability, as well as being open to greater general knowledge.

The English language is spoken as a very important global language, one of our objectives is to teach this language, especially to children, as a means of improvement and education, because they lack the financial resources necessary to learn English. This program will provide the opportunity for many children from populations living in extreme poverty and will not have the opportunity to study in a private school, we develop classes based on basic pronunciation materials, sentences, colors, communication, verbs and other important issues. In addition, it is a way to improve the level of Spanish that the volunteer has, due to the continuous interaction of languages, all this developed in a direct, entertaining and fun way.

** no previous experience is required to participate in this program, it does not require training in Spanish or teacher just to have a great desire to help and improve the quality of life and education of people who need help.

** Discounts from the second month, exemption of the contribution for people who want a greater commitment of collaboration (coordinators, partners, former volunteers or friends).

** The organization offers:

  • Accommodation in a spacious and comfortable room. Spacious, comfortable and equipped, wifi.
  • Basic Work Materials
  • Continuous advice
  • Cultural exchange courses.
  • Group excursions to interesting places on weekends.
  • Information about interesting places and trips in Peru.
  • Learn and improve your level of Spanish in a practical and direct way.
  • Information on Andean-Inca history, culture and folklore, theoretically and completely experiential.
  • (optional) to experience in a practical way the cosmovisón and the Andean culture, positive rituals of self-knowledge based on mysticism and Andean energy management, therapies based on traditional medicine and others


  • minimum age: 19 years
  • Open-minded, positive and adaptable people.
  • Have the ability and patience to work with young children (5-9 years old) and women
  • Person with the ability to join a multicultural team and keep the group together (important)
  • some english language
  • basic Spanish

*** It is not necessary to have specialization or previous experience, here you will have continuous support, we always work in a very human team.

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