Greater London

£ 35-40000


MZH 17/02/2017

Job Description

Policy Officer required to proactively develop, review and manage this children’s charities policies and procedures to ensure all are compliant with legal and regulatory requirements, regularly reviewed, effectively cross-referenced with other policies, business critical, and communicated in a way which is clear and concise.

Key Responsibilities:
•Drafting policy items for the charity with support from departmental policy owners
•Working with policy owners to identify and develop policy items in their specialist areas
•Researching and analysing external policy and regulatory requirements
•Advising the Company Secretary, the Corporate Leadership Team and policy owners of policies that need to be added, revised, deleted and archived in the policy area
•Monitoring compliance with the policy process – ensuring that items are taken to Corporate Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees where appropriate
•Resolving issues between departments concerning policies including conflict and duplication within policies
•Escalating any material or unresolved issues, including non-compliance, to the Company Secretary in a timely fashion
•Working with communications colleagues to ensure that staff and volunteers are aware of new and revised policies
•Keeping the policy under review to ensure that it meets need and is accessible to all. 

Person Specification:
•Previous experience within a children’s charity or a large complex charity delivering policies would be ideal

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