Greater London



MZH 17/02/2017

Job Description

Senior Policy Advisor role required to lead work on ensuring national policy for a national charity on child sexual abuse is well informed by the latest research and evidence and will work with colleagues to assess the impact of policy and practice changes on the scale and nature of abuse.  

Key Responsibilities:
•Lead work on ensuring policy on child sexual abuse is informed by the organisations latest research and evidence
•Assess the impact of policy and practice changes on the scale and nature of abuse
•Keep updated with current trends, relevant legislation and policy
•Plan and deliver policy and research projects within agreed timescales and resource allocation
•Draft and oversee the production of policy documents for internal and external audiences
•Manage active relationships with key policy makers

Experience Required:
•Experience of managing and balancing relationships with a wide range of senior stakeholders
•Strong experience of working within a politically sensitive environment
•Experience of translating organisational objectives into a strategic and cohesive work plan
•Experience of developing policy proposals and offering informed criticisms of existing policies
•Experience of conducting and managing policy and research projects
•Knowledge of current legislative, policy and practice developments affecting children, young people and families across the UK

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