Hammersmith and Fulham

£50,000 - £53,000


Job Description

Sobus is based in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and our mission is to lead the transformation of the voluntary organisations into a thriving and significant sector which better identifies and supports the needs and aspirations of our communities.

We are looking for a full time CEO to build on the successful delivery of our five year strategic plan. 

Sobus is a financially strong organisation as we owns a number of premises that enable us to deliver our charitable objectives as well as generate unrestricted income.

The role will include: 

Working with the Board:

Ensuring appropriate and timely presentations and reporting to the Board on the progress of the organisation and all other matters relevant to the discharge of CEO’s responsibilities, including governance.

Long term planning for the charity referring to best practice, working examples of strategies proposed, current policy and new, relevant developments elsewhere in the field. Introducing changes and improvements into the service, and where necessary making, recommendations to the Board. 

Relationship and Stakeholder Management: 

To ensure that the Charity meets its targets by maximising its own skills and resources while also working strategically in partnership with other voluntary and community sector organisations and with other sectors. 

Ensuring the sustainability of Sobus’ premises assets and the development of new local hubs based on business planning.  

Actively promoting Sobus’ services to stakeholders including the voluntary and community sector, businesses and the wider public.

Internal Leadership and Management: 

Ensuring efficient and effective management of operations, finance and people and income generation. 

Leading, line managing and developing direct reports. 

Ensuring robust systems are in place throughout Sobus for: 

  • Actively promoting services
  • Effectively liaising with partner agencies, the voluntary and community sector and other stakeholders
  • Accurately collecting, monitoring and evaluating service performance data
  • Risk managing
  • Complying with health and safety including premises and lone working

Our Chief Executive Officer will be required to:

  • Demonstrate a track record of relevant senior management and leadership experience in a multi-disciplinary environment
  • Demonstrate successful funding raising skills and experience
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead and inspire confidence in an organisation, to create a positive culture, and to motivate staff to achieve objectives
  • Demonstrate the ability to initiate, enable and support effective change management across the organisation and at all levels
  • Demonstrate premises development and management experience
  • Able to demonstrate a genuine understanding of the needs, aspirations and hopes of an ethnically, socially and economically diverse community

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