Pulborough, West Sussex
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A Toad Patrol is a group of volunteers who monitor a stretch of road that toads have to cross to reach their breeding pond(s) in the spring. Patrolling involves collecting the toads from one side of the road – either by hand or by putting them in a bucket – and transporting them to the other side in a bucket.

Migration can run from as early as January to as late as April, depending on weather, with patrols typically being carried out for an hour or so after dusk. Therefore volunteers will need to be flexible in terms of when they volunteer and be happy to be contacted as and when the toads begin migrating.

The location of this volunteering opportunity is along the lane opposite Mill Farm Fisheries near Bury (the address is: Bury Mill Farm, Bury, Pulborough RH20 1HF)

Toad Patrols are part of a nationwide scheme run by Froglife to help support the conservation of our native toads. For more information on the scheme, or to find another Toad Patrol location and sign up as a Froglife volunteer.

All volunteers are expected to adhere to South Downs National Park Authority volunteer policies and procedures. Our volunteers play an important role in fulfilling our purposes and volunteers are key ambassadors for the work of the Authority.

Ad hoc depending on weather conditions, but typically a few hours during an evening any time between January and April.

-  A Toad Patroller is a volunteer who monitors a stretch of road that toads have to cross to reach their breeding pond(s) in the spring

-  A typical patrol will involve collecting toads from one side of the road and transporting them to safely to the other side.

 - Toads tend to start moving around dusk and will continue into the night, depending on how cold it gets; you only really need to patrol during the first part of the evening when there is a high likelihood of them encountering traffic.

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