Walsall, West Midlands
£27,394 - £29,033 per year depending on experience
Contract, Full-time
Job description

Purpose of the Job:  

The AMIF Project Manager (PM) is the person nominated by the Project to;  

  • manage the administration of the project delivered in Walsall 

  • be the primary contact between the Project and the Responsible Authority EU Funding team 

  • have the overarching sole responsibility for the financial, performance and reporting management of the project 

  • help manage the delivery of the Project’s core activities in Walsall as well promote the Project across the service in Birmingham & the Black Country. 

  • work in close cooperation with the Head of Services (HS) and the Senior Management Team (SMT) to ensure that all systems, procedures and practises of the project are compliant with the funder’s requirements   

  • assist/support the HS and SMT with the consolidation and development of the Project at the Walsall branch. 

The PM duties include: 

Have ownership and accountability of the project 

  • Be the first point of contact with the Responsible Authority, Audit Authority and any other agent appointed by the UK or EC 

  • Deliver all routine financial and implementation to the agreed timelines set by the Responsible Authority 

  • Ensure effective communication both internally and externally 

  • Have the support of and be accountable to the Senior Civil Servant who signed as the legal representative on behalf of the Home Office 

Management of the Project 

  • Requires dedicated project team, organogram, Letters Assigning Staff to project and a Staff Work Schedule 

  • Provide both the financial Toolkit and Performance reports to the timetable as detailed in the SLA. 

  • Complete quality assurance and consistency checks on finance and performance 

  • Allocate time for, evidence gathering and preparing reports  

  • Complete their own internal monitoring meetings and provide minutes to Responsible Authority’s Account Manager(s) 

  • To manage and support the Project staff and carry out performance reviews, regular supervisions and appraisals for the staff under line management   

  • To ensure the effective and professional delivery of services to clients 

  • To ensure that at all times the Project staff comply with all legislation related to the activities and operations 

  • To ensure the requirement of OISC are respected and met during the delivery of immigration related advice 


  • Allocate time at start of the project to adopt AMIF training to understand the detail and breadth of the AMIF responsibilities 

  • Ensure the training of all staff to ensure their compliance under EU funding e.g. Travel Claims, time recording, delivery of objectives 

  • Have these PM duties included in their PDR as a unique objective 

Audit Process 

  • To understand levels, frequency and details of AMIF audits by;  

  • Audits by the Responsible Authority; and  

  • Possible audits by the Audit Authority and / or European Commission - European Court of Auditors and any agent duly appointed by any of the bodies 

  • Deliver and cooperate fully with all Responsible Authority ad hoc requests, including making themselves available for monitoring and performance reviews, meeting and above 

  • Allocate time and be available for meetings on the spot visits/controls etc by the Responsible Authority to review Performance against objectives and to review the financial toolkit  

Your AMIF Account Manager will work closely with you to share their knowledge and experience and guide you to enjoying a successful project.  

However, it should be noted that an AMIF requirement is that performance and management of a project must demonstrate compliance with Responsible Authority and EU regulations.  

Working with the HS and SMT

  • To assist/support the HS and SMT with the consolidation and development of the Walsall branch  

  • To work closely with HS and SMT in order to drive efficiency, quality, systems improvement and target achievement in the Walsall branch. 

  • In close cooperation with the HS and relevant colleagues, ensure the successful delivery of the Project  

  • In cooperation with the HS and the SMT to maintain and extend the partnerships and networks relevant to this role and represent RMC at meetings/events when required 

  • To work closely with the HS in respect of operational procedures and practises, training, quality and systems  

  • To work closely with the Deputy CEO on HR, financial, IT, monitoring and other related matters 

  • To ensure in collaboration with Organisational Lead for OISC and the HS that all Office of Immigration Services Commission (OISC) requirements are fully met during the delivery of immigration related advice  

  • To ensure in collaboration with the SMT that the requirements of the Advice Quality Service mark (AQS) are met 

Posted on: 18 July 2019
Closed date: 11 August 2019
Tags: Management, Project Management