Merton, Surrey

£6064 pa (10 hours per week for 41 weeks; including additional hours for volunteer training and residential weekends)



About the organisation

We are currently a Thursday night club based in Wimbledon in the London Borough of Merton, with two clubs - one for 13-25 year olds and one for ov... Read more

Job Description

Wanted: part-time professional to develop an evening club for adults with learning disabilities, in the London Borough of Merton.

The Squad is a small charity based in the borough and, for the last 20 years has run a successful “Juniors” club for local 13-25 year olds with Learning Disabilities. The Juniors club is very popular amongst its members, who have asked us to launch a similar club that they can move onto when they reach the age of 25. That’s where you come in!

We have launched a successful pilot “Vets Club” (i.e. for “veterans” of the Juniors club) as an extension of the current club and would now like to develop it as a standalone entity. It should follow a similar format to the current Juniors Club with some variations due to the age difference. You will be the key person to shape the new club. You will collaborate with members, volunteers and trustees, but will have overall operational responsibility. This includes planning and delivering a varied programme of activities, including an annual weekend residential break.

You will take over the existing club, which is currently being run by a small team of volunteers under the supervision of the paid Juniors Club Leader. Under your leadership it will develop it into a self-sustaining branch of the charity. To do this you will find a venue and recruit and manage your own team of volunteers. We expect the club to eventually have around 30 members but it would only grow to this size at a sustainable pace.

We have secured funding for one year. You will help to secure ongoing funding beyond that time.

You'll be mentored by established staff and will also be given a training budget.

Salary: £6064.80 per annum (Based on £13.30 p/hour; 10 hours per week for 41 weeks; including additional hours for volunteer training and residential weekends).

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