£200/day, 40 days per annum, flexible



Job Description

Our new and unique project, based on the fast growing number of Time and Tide Bells round the coast of the UK, is seeking an Education Coordinator to undertake a unique role: to engage young people in as broad a range of environmental activity as possible linked to the bells.

Rung by the high tide, Time and Tide Bells are sounded by the waves. Each bell has been installed by the local community, to create, celebrate, and reinforce connections; between different parts of the country, between the land and the sea, between ourselves, our history, and our environment.

Combining work with these beautiful public sculptures, with the groups of people who are involved with them and the teachers at schools nearby, and a broad range of environmental issues – above all sea level rise due to climate change – this role will breathe life into our ambition to get as many teachers as possible, and hence young people, involved with environmental education outdoors.

One of the tasks will be to commission a new Beach School course linking relatively conventional beach work with the unique qualities of bells that ring at high tide – sounds, tides, vibrations, sea levels and more. Other tasks will be limited only by the imagination of the person recruited to the post.

See our website for further information about the organisation, and a more detailed information pack, together with application information.

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