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A unique opportunity to head up a charitable thinktank and a remarkable team at a time of huge change.

There are more than 3500 deaths a year in the UK from the use of banned substances ranging from cannabis to heroin and now including former legal highs.  Most of these deaths stem not from the qualities of these drugs but from the fact that criminals observe no boundaries on what they supply, in what dose, to whom.  Young people, experimenting as they approach adulthood, are the most vulnerable users. It does not need to be this way.

For nearly 25 years Transform has been working to bring about a system of effective legal regulation with a focus on health not criminal law.  Our staff work locally with health authorities, police commissioners and councils. We have growing support from national politicians. And we are part of a network of organisations active within the United Nations family, working to change the international treaties which underlie the criminal regime for drugs.

The tide is beginning to turn.  We have support from several Royal Colleges, many police officers, local and national politicians and, sadly, a growing cohort of bereaved parents.  Our media coverage is growing fast. We truly punch above our weight, but to date we are a small organisation relying on a core of longstanding and highly experienced staff.  But as public opinion shifts, so will our capacity. Transform’s premises are in Bristol but we hope soon to open a small London office to enhance our advocacy and networking.  

Our current CEO will be leaving at the end of the year after four very productive years.  We now want an ambitious, strategic director who will work with our staff, board and volunteers to continue to sharpen and steer our work and ensure our fundraising, branding, media work and outreach is as effective as it can be.

Our next director will be a quick thinker who has well-developed political insight and is used to dealing with the media.  They will have the skill and sensitivity to draw on existing staff expertise to support them in this role while also playing the roles of both manager and team member.  They will be able to fundraise both from trusts and major private donors.

The successful candidate will have an excellent record of communication, and the delivery of results in complex global environment with a wide range of stakeholders.  They will be able to motivate trustees, staff, volunteers and supporters and help sustain a culture that is positive, inclusive and sensitive. Above all they will be able to balance the various demands on their own time as well as acting at a national and international level to engage with government, regulators, other organisations in this field as well as media and thought leaders.

This position will be full time, based in Bristol and will include some travel within the UK and occasionally overseas.

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