Oxford, Oxfordshire

£30,000 - £34,000 per year

Contract, Full-time


Job Description

Windle International is a humanitarian education organisation providing education to refugees and people affected by conflict in East Africa countries. Windle International’s vision is “a world where every child has the opportunity through education and training to make the most of their potential and contribute to sustainable development.”

Windle International is seeking for suitable candidates to fill the position of Communication and Advocacy Officer (CAO) reporting to the Chief Executive Officer.

The Role

The Commmunication and Advocacy Officer  supports staff across the Windle offices to articulate clearly the impact of their work. The position will increase Windle advocacy for the education of marginalised children and contribute to sharing Windle’s educational impact worldwide and increasing Windle’s visibility and profile.

In collaboration with Windle staff across Eastern Africa, CAO will be actively involved in:

  1.  Development of communication strategies to support educational programmes
  2. Support the development and creation of one common Windle Brand
  3. Development and building marketing and advocacy capacity for Windle’s work
  4. Promotion of communications outreach to enhance visibility of the work of Windle, our donors and partners
  5. Expanding digital and social media outreach to promote the work of Windle
  6.  Production, documentation and management of Windle education interventions data and Information
  7.  Establishing and maintaining networks with UN agencies, donors and private entities to market the work of Windle and to explore possibility of forming partnership alliances
  8.  Capacity building to continuously improve communication skills of Windle in order to communicate effectively on their work

Education Qualification

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Marketing,  Communication, Journalism, Public Relations, Development Studies,  or any other related subject.
  •  Diploma or advanced course in Media Relations, Public Relations, and Publishing Development is preferred

Skills and Experience

  • At least 3 years of relevant experience at the national or international level in public relations, communications or advocacy.
  •  Experience with advocacy on education issues.
  •  Experience using social media for organizational advocacy and awareness raising
  • Proven networking skills, and ability to generate interest Vulnerable communities
  • Evidence of developing and managing a communication and branding strategy
  • Experience of developing print and online publications
  •  Ability to present information in visual, interactive forms (e.g. use of excel charts, graphics, simple infographics/pictographs, audio/video storytelling, interactive, etc
  •  Proven skills in process documentation and creative writing reports

Interested candidates must already have the right to work and reside in the UK.

If you wish to apply for this position, please send your CV with a covering letter providing details about your suitability and motivation for the role  no later than midnight  on 27 May 2019. Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted