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Abortion Support Network is a largely volunteer-run charity that helps people living in European countries with prohibitive abortion laws by providing access to safe abortions in clinics abroad. ASN provides practical information on the least expensive way to arrange travel and abortion, logistical support, money towards the cost of abortion, travel and accommodation. We currently provide this service to people resident in Poland, Malta, Gibraltar, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. ASN is a member of the Abortion Without Borders / Aborcja Bez Granic initiative.  

ASN has a small but energetic staff, no office, and a large team of dedicated volunteers. We pride ourselves on providing a critically needed service, running our organisation efficiently and solving problems creatively.   A role with ASN is best suited to people who enjoy working flexibly, reactively, responsively and largely remotely.   

ASN was founded with the understanding that making abortion against the law doesn’t stop abortion but only stops safe abortion and because we believe "I can't afford an abortion" should never be the only reason someone becomes a parent.

ASN is not a campaigning or lobbying organisation. While other organisations campaign for much needed law reform, ASN provides immediate, practical and financial support to people who need abortions. We are small but mighty, with 3 staff and just over 100 volunteers, and are currently looking to expand our funding for second trimester abortions to new jurisdictions.


  • A world where pregnant people have the information and means to access safe, legal abortions wherever they live.  


  • To provide information, financial assistance and accommodation to those who may be forced to travel to access a safe, legal abortion and to support the growth of the abortion funds movement by sharing our knowledge and expertise.   


  • We believe that all those who need them have the right to safe and legal abortions  
  • We believe in providing practical support to enable people to exercise this right  
  • We are compassionate and respectful of abortion-seekers and their decisions  
  • We believe in sharing our knowledge, expertise and experience with others to grow the abortion funds movement and increase access to safe abortion

NOTE: While our registered charity address is in Coventry, ASN does not have an office. We do a lof ot remote working, though may find a co-working space in Central London once Covid is over. Don't let living outside of London - or the UK - stop you from applying. 


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