About Age UK Staffordshire

Our Purpose, Objectives and activities

The objects of the Charity are to promote the following purposes for the benefit of the public and/or older people in and around Staffordshire:

  • preventing or relieving the poverty of older people.
  • advancing education.
  • preventing or relieving sickness, disease or suffering in older people (whether emotional, mental, or physical).
  • promoting equality and diversity.
  • assisting older people in need by reason of ill-health, social exclusion or other disadvantage
  • such other charitable purposes for the benefit of older people as the Charity Trustees from time to time decide.

The outcome of this being the promotion of the well-being of older people. (From the Articles of Association)

Through our work our overall aim is;

‘to make a positive difference to older people’s quality of life, wellbeing and sense of fulfilment’.

The trustees and senior managers developed our strategic objectives which include:

  • To provides services to older people, their families, and carers to meet their needs and aspirations.
  • To strengthen our influence locally and regionally to benefit older people.

To achieve these strategic objectives the charity will work to strengthen its structure, to improve capacity and resilience to enable the charity to be strong, progressive, and stable to better meet the needs of older people across Staffordshire. It will continue to increase its visibility as a charity who supports people aged 50 and over.

How our activities deliver public benefit

Having considered the Charity Commission's guidance on public benefit, the trustees are satisfied that in working to achieve these objectives Age UK Staffordshire is demonstrating the public benefit of our work, as defined under the terms of the Charities Act 2011.

Ensuring our work delivers our aims.

We regularly review our aims, objectives, and activities, looking at what we achieved through our work in the previous 12 months and the outcomes for older people. The review considers the successes and lessons learnt for each key activity and helps us to ensure that our aims, objectives, and activities remained focused on our stated purposes.

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