About Anti-Slavery International

Founded in 1839, we are the oldest international human rights organisation in the world.

Today, we draw on our experience to work to eliminate all forms of slavery and slavery like practices throughout the world.

We are not interested in easy solutions. Instead, we deal with the root causes of slavery and its consequences to achieve sustainable change.

We work to end slavery throughout the world.

As the oldest human rights organisation in the world, we have over 175 years of experience in successfully combating slavery.

Since 1839, we have developed a strong reputation in advancing the political agenda on slavery through cutting-edge research, advocacy, campaigns and work with local communities.

We were involved in ending various manifestations of slavery in many corners of the world, including slavery in British colonies, abuses in Belgian Congo, Indian and Chinese ‘coolie’ systems and slavery in Peruvian Amazon.

We have projects in the UK and Europe, Africa, Asia and South America, but our campaigning work covers the whole world.

Together with local organisations we work to secure the freedom of those affected by slavery and press for effective implementation of laws against slavery.

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