About Black Mountains College

Black Mountains College was founded as a direct response to the climate and ecological emergency.

Education is central to understanding our current predicament and preparing for a different kind of future.

We believe:

Our future can be positive and sustainable.

Everyone has the right to a stable climate and we must learn to live within planetary boundaries.

Our ways of living and working must respect the diversity of life on earth and regenerate cultures and ecosystems.

Addressing the root causes of climate and ecological breakdown means grappling with questions of justice and equity, of exploitation and domination of nature and humans alike.

Building an ecological future based on the finite resources of the planet necessarily involves tackling issues of equity and distribution of those resources.

More than ever the universal human right to education is vital to allow us to understand and prepare for the changes to come.

Our Courses:

Our vocational courses are free, fully funded by the Welsh government.

Our degree programme is being designed in partnership with a Welsh university to ensure students can access the normal statutory support of student loans, and our short courses are offered at different levels, regardless of ability to pay.

Through our vocational courses within community settings and the ecological stewardship of our 120 acre campus, BMC aims to be a model of innovative lifelong learning, a catalyst for a local circular economy and a pioneer of agro-ecological practice. 

Connecting nature, art, science and technology to transform society for future generations.

Creating a future in which nature and human societies thrive through outdoor learning with positive social and ecological outcomes.

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