About Christ Church London

Christ Church London wants to play a significant part in the cultural, social and spiritual renewal of London. We long to build a home in the capital for those from all walks of life to see and know Jesus. We care about transforming communities, and building deep relationships in the heart of the capital.

'Christ Church London exists to help people grow in faith, experience God’s Spirit and work for the flourishing of the city.'
- Senior Leader, David Stroud

We are one church in five locations across London: Stockwell, Bethnal Green, Sutton, Central London, Covent Garden.


We envision a city where people in every sector can harness their skills and collaborate together to work for the flourishing of the city.


We envision a city where the most vulnerable are cared for. We want London to be a place that provides shelter for the homeless, provision for the poor, and companionship for the isolated. London is often said to be harsh, unforgiving and lonely – we will do our part to change that.


We envision a city where people can come to know the love of God. We believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ and think that a loving relationship with Him can provide a renewed sense of purpose, heal our fpain and make a tangible difference in the lives of Londoners.

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