About Educating Beyond Borders

At Educating Beyond Borders we’re passionate about education. This includes an international system of study, work experience, training and skills. We believe all students have the right to get the best education in the world; wherever that may be. We are hard at work wherever barriers to education stop students from having fulfilling education experiences. Currently our campaign focuses on all the rich benefits that investors (international students) in British Further and Higher Education bring to the UK. We’re also hard at work helping students get the best possible education, by making sure the UK vocational education reforms undo the decades of damage of diluted further and higher education. This summer, we’re launching our anti hidden student homelessness project. We’re also shifting the cultural attitude towards work experience in Britain so it’s once again valued as education and an important distinction is made between placements and employment. We’re supporting education capacity globally with our Pure Core Subject.

Our vision is to create a fairer and more equitable world by ending inequalities to accessing education. We believe access to education is an important part of international development, achieving Sustainable Development Goals and stimulating beneficial trade development. We work to bring structural reforms to systems and reforms to multilateral trade architecture so all students can access education.

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