About FarmAbility

FarmAbility’s vision is of an inclusive society where people with disabilities lead fulfilling lives by taking active roles in their community.

Our mission is to enable co-farmers (people with learning disabilities, many also with autism) to develop skills and competencies for purposeful living and occupations, through participation in programmes on farms and outdoor productive spaces.

Our co-farmers are adults aged from 18-years onwards with moderate to severe learning disabilities and autism. We also work with school students during their last 3-years of full-time education because we recognise that the transition from full-time education to adulthood is particularly challenging for people with learning disabilities. 

We currently focus our activities on the geographical area of Oxford, with our current sites to the north west of Oxford City.

Our primary role is to use purposeful, outdoor programmes as a means to increasing skills and confidence, building useful experience, and enabling progression. Over the past 6 years we have learned that our programme model (small group work, applying Occupational Therapy theories and practice and using an enabling approach to support) can encourage significant and positive change in the degree to which someone can successfully engage in a range of activities.

Our operating model is based on sharing space and resources with rural enterprises (as opposed to renting). In order to provide stability and security, we are moving towards working from two hubs (one of which houses our admin and development team), with a number of satellite locations that can be used on a day-to-day basis.

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