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About Us

F4S connects young people, no matter their background, with inspirational role models to

prepare them for the rapidly changing world of work thereby reducing the skill gap.

Young people, particularly those from disadvantaged groups, are not getting

access to the guidance needed to transition into successful careers. Research has

shown that if students have four or more interactions with future employers

before leaving school then they would be 86% less likely to become a NEET (Not

in Education, Employment or Training).

What We Do

F4S is a vital tool in creating these links. We have built a unique digital platform

offering educators a quick and easy way to book research-backed encounters with

a range of volunteers from leading businesses to inspire their students. Having

adapted our services to ensure that students and educators could access webinars

while schools were shut, we have now created a blended learning model to

ensure flexibility and accessibility to students without barriers.

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