About Full Circle @ Docklands Ltd

Through the management of community spaces and commissioning of services, we create a positive community impact to some of the cities most vulnerable groups. We are an example of diversity and through responsible business practice, we make sure that we can deliver sustainable youth activity to the BAME communities of Bristol.

Values: We believe in the power of community. Through supporting our young people, residents and the community organisations in Bristol, we believe we can create a fairer and more equal city that can provide opportunities for all its people.

Full Circle @ Docklands does this by:

  • Providing 20hrs of weekly open access youth service and 10 weeks annual holiday activity for the young people of St Pauls and the wider BAME communities of Bristol.
  • Delivering over 30hrs per week of free to access or affordable sports clubs that are culturally appropriate and BAME led. 
  • Managing a key community building in St Pauls and developing a plan to deliver its services independent of grants by 2026. 
  • Researching the wider needs within the area and providing services that responds to this i.e. nursery waiting lists. 
  • Creating local partnerships such as with Raised in Bristol or East Central Bristol Youth Services to tackle issues and create services that respond to those needs.
  • Providing permanent space to 7 community businesses and charitable organisations to broaden the impact of services being delivered from the centre. This now includes 
    • Cognitive Paths, increasing diversity within enterprise, creating inclusion in national curriculum the contributions made by BAME communities to knowledge creation in the UK, leading on St Pauls Neighbourhood Plan and delivering Bristol’s annual Black History Month. 
    • Marmalade Trust, loneliness charity that is tackling social isolation.

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