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GrantScape is a charity which specialises in grant management, providing grant-making solutions in the delivery of top quality, cost-effective grant programmes. Since 1997, we have firmly established ourselves as a leader in grant management and are one of the UK’s major grant-makers.

We can help you set up your grant programme, no matter what size, where it is located or who it is targeted at. To date, we have successfully established and delivered over 75 separate grant programmes across England and Wales and have given over £85 million to projects which have helped strengthen local communities and protect the natural environment.

GrantScape is a highly respected independent grant-making charity that administers community funds (CFs) on behalf of developers, such as wind farms, landfill sites, solar farms and renewable energy plants.

As a specialist in this field of grant making, with a reputation for providing a trustworthy and value-added service, GrantScape welcomes the opportunity to work with other types of developers which may offer a community benefit fund as a means of supporting the local community that are in close proximity to their development. 

Our specialism is in developing highly effective and efficient end-to-end processes for each grant programme, designed to ensure that their specific objectives are always met in full. As a result, we have now developed a range of customer-focused community fund management services for organisations and individuals looking to benefit from our expertise.

These services are delivered by our skilled and flexible team who have collectively accrued over 80 years’ professional experience in the business of grant management.

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