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Our mission is to provide fully inclusive leisure facilities that are easily accessible for disabled children, young people, and their families.

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About us

Who we are

Gympanzees Pop Ups are unique events held twice a year, during Easter and Summer holidays, to provide children and young people with disabilities an inclusive and fun environment for exercise, play, and socialization. Since 2018, these Pop Ups have offered a variety of activities, including a gym, soft playroom, sensory rooms, trampoline room, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and a sociable café. Sessions are tailored to the physical and sensory needs of the participants, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

With over 23,000 visitors and numerous positive impacts on the children and families who attend, the Pop Ups have proven to be an invaluable resource for the community. Families have traveled long distances to participate, and the benefits extend beyond the immediate experience, contributing to significant developmental milestones for many children.

These events are fully inclusive, featuring hoists, appropriate changing facilities, and easy access to all areas. Sessions are classified to meet the needs of various disabilities, including physical, sensory, learning difficulties, and behavioral disorders, welcoming children and young people aged 0-25 years, along with their siblings.

Our culture and values

Gympanzees is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for children and young people with disabilities. Their core beliefs and values are centered around:

  1. Inclusivity: Gympanzees believes that every child and young person, regardless of their disability, should have access to fun and fitness activities. This commitment ensures that all their services are designed to be fully inclusive, accommodating a wide range of physical, sensory, and learning needs.

  2. Equality: They promote equality and diversity, aiming to break down barriers that prevent disabled children from accessing leisure facilities. This dedication to equality extends to creating a culture that values and celebrates differences within their community.

  3. Health and Wellbeing: The organization focuses on enhancing the physical and mental health of children with disabilities through play and exercise. By integrating therapy into fun activities, Gympanzees provides health benefits in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

  4. Family Support: Understanding the challenges faced by families of children with disabilities, Gympanzees offers support that extends beyond the children to their families, aiming to alleviate isolation and promote family wellbeing.

  5. Community Impact: Gympanzees strives to create a positive impact within the community by providing much-needed resources and facilities that are otherwise unavailable. Their efforts are aimed at fostering a sense of community and belonging among the families they serve.

  6. Innovation: They continuously seek innovative ways to improve their services and expand their reach. This includes plans for a permanent facility that will offer a comprehensive range of activities and support under one roof.

Through these values, Gympanzees aims to ensure that all disabled children and young people can enjoy a life filled with exercise, play, and friendship, meeting their full potential in an inclusive environment.

Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

Gympanzees' Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) policy treats all individuals fairly and equitably, irrespective of sex, gender identity, pregnancy, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, age, race, nationality, or disability.

The policy emphasizes creating an inclusive culture that values diverse backgrounds and perspectives, ensuring equal opportunities, and eliminating discrimination. It applies to all staff, volunteers, service users, and suppliers, fostering a supportive and respectful environment where everyone can thrive and contribute effectively.



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