About Habitats & Heritage

Habitats & Heritage is the local charity that acts for the natural and historic environment and climate in south and west London. We take care of our local landscape; its wildlife, ecosystems, heritage as well as empowering communities and fostering sustainable behaviours by:

  • Using our local knowledge and experience to lead the way in protecting and creating a better and more sustainable environment and heritage for everyone.
  • Working in partnership with others to raise awareness and address local environmental and heritage issues.
  • Bringing people together to better understand, learn and connect with and enjoy their local environment and heritage.
  • Empowering and mobilising communities to enhance and maintain the spaces they care about.
  • Building better quality habitats and ecosystems for nature and wildlife to thrive.
  • Encouraging accessibility and involvement to ensure everyone enjoys and experiences the positive health and wellbeing benefits from spending time in our natural and historic environment.

We are based in Twickenham and work across the London Boroughs of: Richmond; Hounslow; Kingston; Wandsworth; Ealing; and Merton.

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