Henna Asian Women's Group

Henna Asian Women’s Group aims “to promote the benefit of Asian women resident or working in Camden, and neighbouring boroughs where appropriate, by advancing education and providing facilities in the interest of social welfare or recreation”. Specifically it aims to: • Increase the inclusion of social isolated Asian women and encourage them to participate in community life. • Develop Asian women and their families to become more aware of educational, health, fitness and work issues and opportunities. • Create opportunities for the Group that will encourage the women to become ‘self-helping’. • Maintain and promote a strong cultural and community identity. In addition it aims to; • Promote women’s belief in themselves through strong and supportive community action. • Be socially inclusive, recognising the value of community that includes varying cultures. • Be tolerant and supportive of the dialogue between communities that have differing religions. • Promote access to education, health and other opportunities for Asian women as a right for all. • Support the empowerment of Asian women through self help thus helping them fulfil their lives. • Provide support for other Asian women. • Provide a lively and interesting social programme that will support a sense of community. • Be responsive to the changing roles and pressures on succeeding generations of Asian women and adjust and add to its programmes and projects accordingly.

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