About Leukaemia Care

Living better with blood cancer

Leukaemia Care is a national blood cancer support charity. We are dedicated to ensuring that anyone affected by blood cancer receives the right information, advice and support.

A diagnosis of a blood cancer can have a huge impact on someone emotionally, as well as physically. We understand that feelings of shock, anger and loneliness are all common at the time of diagnosis, during treatment and recovery and having someone to talk to, as well as the right information available can be a huge comfort.

We not only support patients, but carers and families too who can often carry a lot of the emotional strain when someone they love is diagnosed with a blood cancer.

We focus on the support that is needed now to help those affected by blood cancer cope during a diagnosis and beyond - helping people live better with blood cancer.

What we do

We save lives through earlier diagnosis

  • We raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of leukaemia and work with healthcare professionals such as GPs, dentists and pharmacists to help them spot leukaemia.
  • We help people to understand what leukaemia is and that it can affect anyone at any age.

We campaign for access to effective treatments

  • We work with the NHS and other organisations to ensure patients can access the best possible treatment for them, and when they can’t – we advocate on their behalf.

We believe people should get the right information when they need it

  • We know that diagnosis and treatment can turn your world upside down – we empower people with accredited information, support from clinical nurse specialists and the opportunity to meet patients diagnosed with leukaemia.

We support healthcare professionals to help their patients

  • We empower GPs and other healthcare professionals to spot leukaemia through awareness events and online learning.
  • We provide nurses with tailored conferences, online learning and bursaries to enhance their knowledge of leukaemia and patient care

We conduct research to improve patient experience

  • We listen to patients, and using the evidence we gather, improve our services and focus our campaigning.

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