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Vision Million Minutes wants a world in which young people are recognised and supported to transform their lives and their world so that all may have a life of dignity. Mission Million minutes raises money and supports youth action and advocacy activities that give voice and support to young people to transform their lives and their world, inspired by Catholic social teaching. We support young people making a difference through: • participation in society • assuming responsibility • developing as leaders Young people are often seen and not listened to. They are shut out of decision-making, stereotyped by a hostile media, and scapegoated for many of society’s problems. But that’s not right. Young people’s energy and vibrancy shouldn’t be underestimated. They care about the future. They’re agents of transformation. We have faith in young people. We see a world in which young people make a difference, where they are the difference. Where they enable the transformation needed for everyone to live a life of dignity.

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