About Naturewatch Foundation

Naturewatch Foundation is a registered charity working to improve the lives of animals.  Our Mission is to end animal cruelty and advance animal welfare standards around the world.  

In order to achieve our aims we:

•    Undertake campaigns to raise public awareness of particular issues and influence public opinion by using all available means. 

•    Carry out political campaigning/lobbying within the UK and EU when it’s deemed to be the best way to support a particular issue upon which we are working, and it either furthers or supports the delivery of our charitable purpose. For example, campaigning for a change in the law where such a change would support the charity’s purpose or campaigning to ensure that existing laws are observed.  Of course, as a charity, we cannot give our overall support to a political party but we may, at times, give our support to specific policies advocated by political parties if it would help achieve the aims of the Foundation.

•    Provide support for the improvement and development of animal welfare standards worldwide, with a particular focus on pioneering projects that directly improve the lives of stray dogs in Eastern Europe.

•    Co-ordinate humane education and public awareness campaigns in order to help raise animal welfare standards in the UK and in Eastern Europe. Through education we can help create a new culture of respect and sensitivity, to make this world a fairer place for all living creatures.

•    Launched the World Animal Day (4 October) movement in 2003 to raise the status of animals by uniting the animal welfare movement around the globe; raising awareness of animal issues and making them front-page news – a vital catalyst for change!

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