About One Small Thing

One Small Thing is the charity striving for positive cultural change in the criminal justice and related systems by implementing and promoting an approach based on an understanding of the impact of trauma and gendered experiences on people's lives.

Our mission is to ensure that systems don’t further traumatise, that they respond to people’s individual needs and that they model inclusive gender responsive provision. We want to see a culture where services are informed about, responsive to and provide specific help to people to heal from trauma. We want a reduction in numbers of women in the justice system, end use short term sentences and for the justice system to be TI and TR.

We offer training and organisational development support; we are building a residential alternative for justice involved women and their children and we provide information and awareness raising of key issues and solutions.

Our Values:

Person-centred, empathetic and compassionate: Understanding that everyone is unique and responding well to individual needs. We value you and care about you.

Hopeful and transformative: Looking beyond current circumstances & embracing everyone's potential to define their present and their future. We believe in you.

Respectful & dignified: Promoting the highest standards where everyone feels safe, valued and welcome. We hold you in mind and respect you.

Authentic & inclusive: Demonstrating that there are no barriers to participation, provision and protection.  We welcome you.

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