About Reedham Children's Trust

An estimated 140,000 children in the UK are known to Social Services, but do not meet the threshold for social care (and are not referred on to early help after their case is closed)*.  Our charity has been helping vulnerable children like these for 175 years. 

Education offers one of the strongest routes out of poverty, and educational opportunity is at the core of our work. We invest in young people who need our help: with projects ranging from funding places at nurturing boarding schools, to offering programmes in day schools and the community aimed at developing leadership, confidence and resilience. We support them through a relationship that spans the length of their school years – empowering these young people to achieve a brighter future. 

The team at Reedham is comprised of a group of professionals with expertise in key areas of education, fundraising, child protection, finance and community engagement. We are passionate about supporting children and young people with their continued development as they progress with their journey through life.

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