About RefugeeEd

RefugeeEd works to ensure that children and adults fleeing violence have access to a good education.


  • Today in Greece, there are 60,000 people stuck in camps and unstable accommodation.
  • ​57% of children are not in formal schooling.
  • Adults are in need of language skills to help them build a new life.
  • Dedicated volunteers are doing what they can to help. But they lack resources and educational expertise.

​ -  At refugeeEd, we pair experienced teachers with local organisations who need training and mentoring.

 - We prepare and support our teachers before, during and after their trips.

 - We work to ensure that everyone can access a good education.


We are always in need of teachers who can volunteer as education mentors in Greece and beyond.

There are also many opportunities to get involved from home. See our volunteer roles for more info and to apply!

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