About The Africa Centre

The Africa Centre is a space to educate about, connect to and advocate for Africa and its diaspora.

Our Values

  • We value meaningful and collaborative partnerships founded upon mutual understanding, empathy, and respect for one another.
  • We value integrity and accountability in enacting our mission and objectives.
  • We value working closely with our large and diverse communities to build informed and empowered alliances that are dedicated to shifting the narrative about Africa. Our mission is to showcase and promote unheralded people and untold stories from a rich and confident continent populated by talented Africans and friends of Africa. 
  • We value relationships committed to achieving lasting social impact and transformative change by embracing equality of people, equality of opportunity, and equality of access to resources.
  • We value relationships which recognise the imperative of working to build a sustainable environment, conserving our natural resources and minimising harm to the planet.

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