About United for Global Mental Health

Our vision is a world where mental health is valued and treated in the same way as physical health, and that by 2030 everyone, everywhere, will have someone to turn to when their mental health needs support.  We are a new and fast growing organisation, launched in 2018. United for Global Mental Health has been established to catalyse greater action towards achieving the following goals:

An Agenda for Action

  • We want to reframe mental health as a top global priority with well-defined solutions and will work to mobilise citizens and Ambassadors to lead the way: we have created the Speak Your Mind campaign to help do this.
  • We are gathering the global mental health community to work together and deliver key global advocacy events with global leaders: we have created a network of advocates and communicators (the Blue Print Group) to help do this.

Resources for Action

  • We want to massively increase national and global financing for mental health.
  • We are working with international development financing experts to identify new and innovative ways to raise more money for global mental health.

Frameworks for Action

  • We support the adoption of new global frameworks to encourage governments, the international community, and networks to adopt better policies on mental ill health prevention, support, and rights.

We are a small team of advocacy, communications and resource mobilisation specialists working with the global mental health community to make the case for mental health to policy makers. We work closely with colleagues and partners around the world – and we exist to promote and support their work.

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