About Village of Forgiveness (t/a The Village)

Our vision is to create a global community that reaches across barriers and boundaries, where people can live and thrive, and where human potential is championed. 

Why: Across the planet there is profound potential that is being lost every day, potential that if given the right circumstances could be harnessed to change the world. 

How: We have discovered the beneficial impact of utilising the skills of the Veteran. They work well as a team and have extraordinary empathy for others. By repurposing their abilities learned in the Armed Services, we have harnessed a dedicated, versatile and resilient work-force who can make a significant impact on our beneficiaries and the infrastructure around them. 

What: The Village works to integrate people who would otherwise be excluded from society. We do this through housing, education, skills training, mental health support and enterprise building. We operate with a firm commitment to holistic support of the individual and a focus on long term sustainability.

Where: Our Villages are not uniform. They are reacting to the unique needs of a place and culture and are at different stages of growth. Yet, each aspires to consist of shared elements.

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