About WinVisible (women with visible & invisible disabilities)

We’re a grassroots multi-racial organisation based on collective self-help and peer support.  We provide rights information, advocacy, Zoom workshops and campaigning.  We bring together disabled women who are UK-born and immigrant, refugee and asylum-seekers; mums and family carers; older and younger; lbtq+ and more. 

We’re based at the Crossroads Women’s Centre in Kentish Town, London, and work closely with the other groups based there.  Visit our blog for more about our disability rights information, events and campaigns.

We’ve campaigned against COVID measures taking away our rights to medical attention, family life, food supply, benefits and services.  We’re among groups who won the restoration of Care Act rights suspended by the Coronavirus Act, and campaigners against care charges.  We want money and resources to enable independent living, and a living wage and Care Income for all who do care work for people and planet, ourselves and others, including mothers and family carers. 

What we have achieved together:

Every year we help thousands of disabled women denied benefits, concessions, homecare, housing, employee support, access, to secure their entitlements.

Showing that coping with disability is hard work. Disabled women, the majority of disabled people, care for ourselves and others and contribute to society whether or not we do waged work too.

Ran a Refugee Project for disabled women 2005-2008.

Steered Greater London Authority research on disabled refugees to focus on disabled women’s experiences, also as asylum seekers and with invisible disabilities (2008).

Brought a legal challenge with Transport for All, enabling disabled asylum seekers to get their Freedom Pass reinstated by Lambeth Social Services (2008).

Highlighted disabled women’s added vulnerability to violence and abuse. We addressed a large responsive crowd at the SlutWalk London rally in Trafalgar Square (2011).

Supported a homeless disabled woman “GS” bring a landmark human rights case upholding councils’ duty to support migrant disabled people (2016).

Helped a housebound woman to win £10,500 Personal Independence Payments after she was cut off disability benefit for “failure to attend” a home visit, and another woman cut off while suffering cancer to win over £11,500 backdated benefits (2020-21).


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