Guildford, Surrey



About the organisation

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Job Description

As an activity volunteer, you will administer the Guildford and South Surrey Branch's exciting programme of speech and language, choir and exercise classes.

These activities have been set up with qualified leaders, and we need someone who will keep these activities running by doing the associated administrative work.

Activities run by Parkinson's UK ensure that people with Parkinson's have access to the things that they want and need to take control.

As an activity volunteer you will:

• be the central point of contact for the people who attend and lead the groups
• work with the chosen venue effectively, for example making block room bookings and
  make sure they have been risk assessed
• make payments on behalf of the group and handle money coming from the members
• keep a register of those attending
• take payments for the activity and make payments on behalf of the group

What we're looking for and why

In order to fulfil this role, you will:

• have excellent communication skills and a friendly attitude, as you will be working with
  a wide range of people
• well organised and computer literate
• enjoy administration, paying attention to detail, and to be very reliable be outgoing and
  happy talking to people.
• be patient and empathetic, in order to deal with sensitive issues and topics
• be willing to listen and respond tactfully to the views and feedback of others, ensuring
  that it is shared with Parkinson's UK staff when appropriate 

What you could get out of volunteering

As an activity volunteer, you will:

• gain considerably from meeting new people and forging friendships and connections in your area
• enable those affected by Parkinson's to access support in their area
• gain experience in the activity that you are providing
• do something useful and meaningful for your community
• learn about the work of a major health charity, and be an important part of the wider Parkinson's UK network

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