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Job Description

About the British Red Cross

The British Red Cross is a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. We enable vulnerable people at home and overseas to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their own communities. And when the crisis is over, we help people recover and move on with their lives.

About our internship scheme

Interns at the British Red Cross are highly valued for the skills and energy they bring. We aim to provide our interns with an insight into the daily workings of the world's largest humanitarian organisation. The successful candidate will have access to relevant in-house training and development opportunities during the course of their placement. There may be some ad hoc opportunities to get involved in other areas of activity.

Your role as an intern will help make a great contribution to the work of the British Red Cross. You will take responsibility for achieving specific objectives that are agreed with you within one of the various departments across the UK. You will have a real responsibility and place inthe department, bringing some of your skills and experience to the role; you will also have the chance to develop workplace skills.

About this role

Volunteering within the International Directorate, the Technical Advisory Intern - Health/WASH will be project managing the One WASH project.This will involve planning, programme monitoring and the evaluation of documents which need to be revised to include a public health perspective, disability and other vulnerability identification and the ability to measure 4 indicatorsrelating to cholera control.

This role will be volunteering with the Emergencies, Global Surge and Technical Advisory (ESTA) teams who have an insight into the British Red Cross's International Emergency work and Technical Advisory capacities. Our advisors work across all regions supporting British Red Cross's planned programmes while the Emergencies team work globally to natural and political disasters.

You will have the opportunity to get to know these teams,see how the International department works, attend weekly 'stand-up' meetings and meet employees from other teams. This internship is a great opportunity to learn more about the international work that the BRC does, as well as gain behind the scenes insight into how global humanitarian organisation operates.


To be provided to the Volunteer Mobilisation team.


The British Red Cross UKO

44 Moorfields, London, EC2Y 9AL


Emergencies, Surge and Technical Advisory - International Directorate

Reporting to

Kate Rist - Technical Team Assistant


This internship will last a maximum of 12 weeks volunteering up to 3 days each week.  The volunteering hours are negotiable to balance your needs and what can be achieved in the role.  

Tasks include

  • Revising Health/WASH project documents to include a public health perspective, disability and other vulnerability identification and the ability to measure 4 indicators relating to cholera control.
  • Review the existing tools for long-term WASH/Public Health programming with a view to having one fully encompassing tool or toolkit adapted to the criteria of the IFRC One WASH Initiative and concept,in alignment with the 'cholera roadmap' and 'investment case' from the GTFCC (WHO).
  • Streamline, merge or adapt the tools or toolkit to simplify them and avoid at all costs creating a toolkit that is notpractical and user friendly at field level, and easy to cascade.
  • Create a single balanced and statistically correct tool or toolkit that demonstrates an equal emphasis on every aspect of WASH and Public Health programming, relative and relevant to each other in this context of One WASH.

What we are looking for

You need to have good interpersonal, diplomacy, communication and teamwork skills although full training can be given for any technical requirements. We keep the beneficiary at the heart of what we do, working to understand their needs and the difference we make. Also, someone who is:

  • Motivated and enthusiastic about Health and WASH related projects
  • Desire to learn and gain experience in a PublicHealth and/or WASH capacity
  • Ability to work as part of a busy team and include feedback where necessary
  • Willingness to review documents and/or undertake further research where needed.

What we offer

  • A full induction, with ongoing support and supervision throughout your placement
  • Access to relevant in-house training and development opportunities, including British Red Cross intranet site, e-learning facility and one-to-one career sessions or career development workshops
  • Valuable exposure to the work of the Red Cross in the UK and around the world
  • A great opportunity to develop your existing skills and to gain new ones
  • Reasonable travel and lunch expenses paid

Being a volunteer for the British Red Cross means that you can proudly say you are part of the world's largest humanitarian organisation, and one of our 13 million volunteers across the world.

Young People and this role

Our internship opportunities are open to people at different stages of their career, aged 15 or above.  Whether your student, a recent graduate or someone with more experience looking for a career change, we would be happy to hear from you.

We value the energy and enthusiasm that young people bring to this role. Anyone can volunteer with the Red Cross from the age of 15. An individual risk assessment, parental consent and safeguarding considerations will be required for those aged 15 - 17. The nature of the activities specific to your intern opportunity may mean that you need to be 18 years or older.


We welcomeapplications from people of different backgrounds, experience and circumstances.  We seek to ensure that our organisation and our services are relevant and accessible to all, with equality, diversity and fairness at the core of what we do. We invite applications from individuals regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or political beliefand are committed to promoting fair participation and equality of opportunity for all of our applicants.

The British Red Cross is committed to being inclusive, with a diverse workforce. We encourage applications from people from the widest possible diversity of backgrounds,cultures and experiences - including disabled and ethnic minority candidates. We value fresh perspectives and insights gained by involving and welcoming people from the widest possible diversity of background, culture and experience.This is to contribute to the breadth of experience we need to respond to people in crisis.

Core learning/requirements

Approximate training hours 3.5. 

Minimum Induction - within 3 weeks

Has been introduced to Line Manager and role description discussed

Has been given a H&S briefing pertinent to the site they will normally be operating from

Has been familiarised with any equipment required to carry out the role

Has received any workwear, if required for the role

Has had a one-to-one induction with the Placements Coordinator

British Red Cross Foundation Course e-module (IN-FCEL)

Full Induction - within 3 months

Has attended an Intern Welcome Workshop or attended Foundation Training classroom workshops dependant on the nature of the role.

Further development opportunities

Everyday First Aid (SE-KSK)

Othersdependent on nature of projects and responsibilities


Applications will no longer be accepted after 14thJune 12pm BST