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About the organisation

Brunel Tutors offers free tuition to students living on or near the Brunel Estate in Westbourne Park. 

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Job Description

Role Description

This Volunteering Opportunity is all about helping young children get the most out of our free fun and educational after-school club on a Westminster social housing estate.

What’s this role for?

Your role will be to help our lead tutors by making sure the kids we tutor are focussed on the activities they have been set. You will usually work with a small group of kids to make sure they know what they should be doing, guiding their behaviour and enabling their learning surrounded by an experienced and qualified teacher. 

What is Brunel Tutors?

Brunel Tutors is a free after-school tutoring service aimed at low income families living on or near the Brunel Estate in Westbourne Park, Westminster. We try to learn as a group by having fun, through games, play, and competition. Our sessions last 1.5 hours and focus on an aspect of English, Maths, and Science for KS1 and 2. We have a group of 20 of mixed ages attending every Wednesday and Thursday afternoons with a KS3&4 (secondary school) group early Wednesday evening.You could volunteer for either or both. 

Each week you may find yourself:

Helping the children with some of the activities

Providing support and encouragement 

Helping lead tutor facilitate the sessions

Encouraging good behaviour

Chaperone children from the school to the group

Setting up and clearing away classroom equipment

Offering help with homework or reading

Am I suitable?

You don’t have to be an academic high flyer, with a load of qualifications and certificates to do this role but the ability to read, write and do basic maths is really useful. Most important, however, is a passion to help see children reach their full potential. No previous experience in the charity sector or working with children is required, though it helps. 

Where and When?

This is a part-time role. The group meets weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays during term time at the Brunel Youth Project, Ground Floor, Buckshead House, 15:30 – 17:30. We are flexible when it comes to how often you volunteer. A Ideally, you’ll be involved every week but could volunteer as little as once per half term.

What’s in it for me?

Aside from the satisfaction of giving back to the community, this role can help boost your confidence in working with children. It’s a great first step into schools work e.g. Teaching Assistant as you’ll be supervised by a fully qualified teacher. We are happy to offer references for those volunteering over a min 9-month period (2 full terms). We can also reimburse travel expenses within London Zones 1-6.

Other Stuff

We carry out full DBS checks (Free) for all our volunteers and you’ll never be left on your own with the kids, for your safety and theirs.