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Job Description

CAMEO is a very successful local charity providing Day Care Services for people with dementia in the borough of Spelthorne. Our Day Centres are always full, we are well funded and have excellent relationships with local stakeholders within the local community.

The current team of Trustees have been incumbent for many years and new blood is needed to reinvigorate our purpose and objectives. We have been through much change over the past 15-years. We've grown from providing 30-places each week to nearly 250. Our revenue has grown from around £30k/annum to over £250k. We have a team of 15 paid staff and 15 or so volunteers.

We provide in-house Day Centre services as well as Out-and-About sessions to take more able people out to interesting places.

We have a wide range of motivational activities to stimulate people.

We are looking for a new team of visionary Trustees to take the charity forward into the future. If you are interested in the governance of a charity that is focussed on supporting elderly people with dementia related conditions, then please get in touch. We have a number of Trustee roles available including Treasurer, Chair, Secretary and other roles.

This is an ideal opportunity to take the reigns of a very stable organisation and move it into the future.

The Trustees generally meet bi-monthly in the evening to review how well the charity is operating both financially and operationally. There may be other events and meetings that your attendance is required for and in particular, the role of Treasurer is expected to have more involved interest in the financial activities of the charity. We have an IT strategy, equipment and services focussed on a cloud based Xero accounting system, payroll etc.

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