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Job Description

Drive Forward has been working exclusively with care experienced young people to support them into employment in order to unlock theirpotential, broaden their horizons and break down barriers that are preventing them from starting a career. 

Our vision is a society where care-experienced people are afforded opportunity, empathy and respect

Every year, about 11.000 young people embark on their difficult journey from care into independence, 2.400 of them in the capital. Many of them are just 18 years old or as young as 16. 40% of them will experience homelessness within the first 6 months of leaving care. Almost half of them will be struggling with severe mental health issues. Only 6% of them will go to university, whilst over 40% of care-experienced young people are not in employment, education or training (NEETs). Moreover, 37% of children in young offender institutions and 39% of those in secure training centres have experience of local authority care.

As a specialist provider with a decade of experience working in the care leavers into work sector, we know how challenging it is for young people, to overcome the many barriers that hinder them from moving forward in life. From a lack of mental health support, to the on-going stress related to not having a safe home or financial stability, to the isolation and sense of abandonment when vital support is denied or withdrawn; this all has a significant impact on an individual’s ability to move into sustainable employment or education, which is so vital in promoting their successful transition into independent living in the long-term . Providing professional advocacy services in-house, will enable young people to access quality support and resolve often urgent issues more quickly;

We are looking for an Events Manager who is able to committ some of their free time to support us in the planning  of a 10th Anniversary Event for June 2020. We have a target to raise £45,000 after costs for the venue and the food.   If successful this funding would be used to pay for the hiring of a Counsellor and Advocate to address the mental health issues of our young people.  We have three trustees who are supporting this initiative but we could really benefit from the experience of a highly organised events manager who has a passion to support this vulnerable group. 

In terms of time comittment the current committee of three trustees and two members of staff are meeting once a month but some work in between times to ensure that deadlines are met will be required.

If you are interested in this exciting opportunity please send a message to Martha , the CEO at the address below.