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About Generation Success:

Wouldn’t you like being a part of a movement pioneers changing the world?

Who are we?

Generation Success is a not-for-profit social enterprise that promotes diversity, inclusion and tackles underrepresentation within elite professions. Generation Success aims to bridge the gap between education, employment and enterprise for people aged 18+. Acting as a catalyst, we help build essential skills and enable people to achieve their career or entrepreneurial aspirations. We achieve this by connecting business to diverse talent, providing career and professional development, access to industry leaders (including mentoring) and Industry insider events to enable people to learn about the full range of career options available to them. We run free motivational, inspirational and educational events for dream hunters – hungry and talented professionals – who want to take control of their careers and make a success of themselves. 

Vision Statement

We are passionate about empowering this generation empowering this generation to be the best they can be!

Mission Statement

Generation Success is an inspiring success is an inspiring network that advances social mobility by empowering young people of diversity to reach their career aspirations!

Volunteer Mentor Job Spec:

To be successful in any field, aspiring leaders require role models and guidance. This is especially true in today’s business climate. Being a mentor is more important than ever - and you will get more out of the relationship than you think!

About our mentees

  • Our mentees are career oriented, ambitious and determined people aged 18+ (Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Career Changers)
  • They lack professional networks and guidance
  • Have no mentoring opportunities
  • Feel that they are being held back from bigger roles and responsibilities
  • Need your guidance to achieve their ambitions

What makes a good mentor?

An effective mentor has the following characteristics:

  • Desire to share information, expertise and experience and to act as a resource
  • Ability to recognise and encourage the mentee's potential
  • Willingness to invest time and effort in the mentoring relationship and fulfil the agreed commitments
  • Ability to give and receive constructive and honest feedback
  • Commitment to assisting the mentee in their decision-making processes by listening, sharing and reviewing options
  • Willingness to facilitate networking opportunities through professional contacts.
  • At least 1 years’ experience in their respective field.

Time Commitment

A minimum of 1 hour a month for 6 months. The mentoring sessions can be face to face or virtual based on your availability.


By becoming a Mentor, you will:

  • Obtain personal satisfaction from making a difference to the career development of another person
  • Enhance your people skills in areas such as leadership, interpersonal skills and communication
  • Increase your professional networks
  • Hear fresh perspectives from future members of your profession
  • Increase your profile and the profile of your organisation among our mentees, business leaders and stakeholders

As a mentor, you will be able to develop your skills in leadership, communication and coaching. You will also be contributing to the growth of a mentee, who you will be helping to achieve their dreams within the professional working environment.

If you are interested in taking part but are still unsure, you are more than welcome to get an insight and take part in our Speed Mentoring Sessions.

Job Type: Volunteer

Remuneration: No remuneration

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Generation Success

Wouldn’t you like being a part of a team pioneers  changing the world?

Who are we?

Generation S... Read more

Posted on: 18 September 2019
Closed date: 17 December 2019
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