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Ealing, Greater London
Job description

To contribute to the development and delivery of the strategic plan for Healthwatch Ealing

(HWE) in line with the requirements of the Department of Health and Healthwatch England,

through clear governance, effective strategic planning, and good management.

Promoting good governance:

1. Oversee governance of HWE, working with the Chair and other members of the Committee to


 Compliance with the agreed codes of governance, HWE and HWE financial regulations,

national guidance and delegated authorities;

 To understand roles and responsibilities with appropriate arrangements for appraisal,

training and development;

 To commit to HWE’ approach to valuing diversity and equal opportunities through its

service delivery and employment.

 Attend and contribute to regular Committee meetings to ensure key issues are discussed

by the Committee in a timely manner and addressed with an agreed approach.

2. Contribute to the performance of the Committee to ensure:

 The Strategic Group’s business is conducted efficiently and effectively through a framework

of delegation and systems of internal control that also enables the work of Healthwatch

Ealing to be carried on effectively between meetings of the Strategic group.

 Implementation of frameworks for effective budget and risk management.

 Contribute to the effectiveness of HWE through the use of expertise, skills and experiences,

either as a Committee member in an appointed capacity, or to committees/work groups.

3. Attend Committee meetings, participating in other committees/groups where required, ensuring:

 Meetings should be conducted in a way that all members are given the opportunity to

express their views and that appropriate standards of behaviour are maintained in line with

an agreed code of conduct.

 Decisions are taken as delegated through the appropriate procedures.

 To declare any relevant personal, professional or commercial interests in any matters being

discussed by the Committee.

Monitoring performance:

4. Work together to strive for continuous improvement and to drive excellence for

Healthwatch Ealing  and local health and social care services.

5. Contribute to the scrutinising and reviewing performance and patient, service user, carer and

wider community satisfaction with reference to the performance of comparable organisations.

6. Identify, approve and oversee a range of projects through to evaluation of impact and publishing

of reports.

7. Oversee the publishing of an Annual Report and Accounts each year, highlighting priorities,

progress & key issues.

Public Engagement

8. To oversee the development of a comprehensive community development strategy to ensure

HWE is reaching the diverse communities of Ealing, including those who are seldom heard.

9. To be involved as the outward face of HWE at Public Engagement events and conferences,

demonstrate leadership and take an active role in public and membership engagement.

Maintaining good relationships with staff:

10. Build and maintain effective working relationships with the Healthwatch Chief Officer, the staff

team and senior staff within other organisations and to work in partnership.

11. Provide appropriate management, advice, support and challenge to the HWE Staff.

12. To work with staff in an overarching guiding capacity, not in a day-to-day line management


Representing Healthwatch Ealing:

13. Build and maintain good relationships with key stakeholders, including members of the public,

patients, service users, carers, Healthwatch England, the Department of Health, Care Quality

Commission, Monitor (Regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts), NHS funded providers, Ealing

Clinical Commissioning Group, Ealing Health & Wellbeing Board, and

Ealing Council.

14. Act as an ambassador and representative for the organisation, upholding the reputation of

Healthwatch Ealing and its values.

15. Network and promote the achievements, purposes and benefits of Healthwatch Ealing.

16. Ensure that Healthwatch Ealing is represented on the Ealing Health and Wellbeing

Board and plays a proactive role in decisions relating to the Health and Wellbeing Strategy,

planning, commissioning and delivery of health and social care.

17. Ensure representation from Healthwatch Ealing is evidence based and supported by data

and analysis, not solely personal opinion.

Requirements of Committee Members:

 Committee Meetings – Committee members are expected to attend all scheduled meetings

of the Committee.

 Working together – Committee members will be required to support the objectives and

policies agreed by the Committee, and to contribute to and share responsibility for the

decisions of the Committee. They will be expected to work constructively with other

Committee members and staff of Healthwatch Hounslow.

 Code of Conduct – Committee members will be expected to abide fully with Healthwatch

Ealing’s code of conduct, to maintain high standards of probity and follow the Nolan

principles of standards in public life. They must also present a positive image of the

Committee and Healthwatch Ealing at external events.

 Training – Committee members are encouraged to identify personal training and

development needs, and seek opportunities for development, attending training events as

required. Specific training will be offered which is relevant to the role of the Healthwatch

Ealing Committee members.

 Committee meetings and Working Groups – There will be various committee meetings of

the Committee, and periodic work groups, that Committee members may be required to

participate in.

 Preparation time – Committee members are required to allocate time for reading reports

and preparing for Committee Meetings (and where appropriate committee meetings and

working groups)

 Other attendance – Committee members may be requested to attend other events and

associated meetings linked to supporting, developing or promoting Healthwatch Ealing

and its objectives.

Posted on: 20 August 2019
Closed date: 30 October 2019
Tags: Advice, Information, Social Care/Development