London, Greater London
Job description

Healthwatch Ealing is an organisation which has previously benefitted from the participation of
volunteers from diverse cultural backgrounds, influencing the provision of Health & Social care
services across the borough. This includes research projects to evaluate the quality of NHS
services, signposting patients to relevant healthcare services, providing information to the
public on available Health and Social care services and guidance on complaint procedures.
Healthwatch Ealing now envisages the creation of new roles and opportunities for members of
emerging communities across the borough (Afghan, Nepalese, Algerian, Burmese, Sri Lankan,
Romanian & Bulgarian communities) as representatives of members of their community in the
Health & Social care sector.

The main motive of this opening is to ensure that members of emerging communities have
access to information about healthcare services available to them, and that no individual is
deprived of Health and Social care services due to lack of knowledge about services or issues
with communication in English. This would be a great opportunity for willing volunteers from
emerging communities to become more actively and directly involved in health and social care
projects through Healthwatch. In addition, this role would avenue opportunities for shadowing
at senior committee and board level meetings, working together with Healthwatch liaison
representatives and the project team at a strategic level.

 Get involved with community outreach programmes by Healthwatch Ealing,
specifically targeting emerging communities in Ealing.

 Provide advice to the Healthwatch Ealing staff on strategic influencing opportunities to
raise the profile of Healthwatch Ealing to members of emerging communities.

 Engage in research projects led by Healthwatch Ealing, aimed at enabling access and
providing awareness of healthcare services to emerging communities.

 Get involved in decision making about raising standards of Health & Social care service

Time commitment
 Minimum of 2 hours a week.

 Dates and times as agreed with Healthwatch Ealing staff.

Posted on: 20 August 2019
Closed date: 18 November 2019
Tags: Advice, Information, Social Care/Development