Job description

The purpose of this role is to support a small charity in being able to continue their work through having the funding to do so. Indigo needs constant funding sources in order for it to carry out its operations. Without funding Indigo will not be able to exist! 


We are looking for someone who can research and apply for the most appropriate grants on behalf of Indigo. You will be compiling lists of potential organisations that provide grants, and filling out the information they require and be in charge of corresponding with them. 

Indigo has an unusual set up due to the nature of its work. Instead of being ‘front-line’, Indigo does the background coordination work, which usually has a very low awareness of its incredible importance. For example, instead of being the people who do the teaching, Indigo provide the volunteer to the teaching organisation. 

Our services are hugely beneficial to groups and make them vastly more efficient; By providing volunteers, we enable them to keep activities running, which may have had to shut down without the right people in place; we save them time by allowing them to focus on their primary goals as opposed to spending their time finding the right volunteers for their organisation; and we allow groups to save money e.g. through providing volunteer skills that they might otherwise need to pay for (e.g. legal advice), marketing for volunteers on our already established platform so they don’t need to dedicate time or money towards this, and so on. 



  • Being in charge of grant applications for Indigo Volunteers

  • Researching and identifying potential organisations that are appropriate to apply to for grants

  • Compiling a list of these organisations and keeping it up to date

  • Assessing and prioritising which ones to apply to first 

  • Serving as liaison between Indigo and funding organisations

  • Generates and implements funding calendar

  • Weekly updates with UK Operations Manager

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Posted on: 25 September 2019
Closed date: 24 December 2019
Tags: Admin, Fundraising