Coventry, West Midlands


About the organisation

KairosWWT exists to increase the life-chances, choices and wellbeing of women caught up in prostitution, affected by or at risk of sexual ... Read more

Job Description

A fantastic opportunity to work with a grassroots women's organisation making a vital difference every day in the lives of Coventry's most vulnerable women. Kairos is recruiting for a new Chair of Trustees to lead the board and work alongside the Director to set strategic direction for the organisation to enable its continued flourishing and development. You will be chairing bi-monthly meetings, working one-to-one with the Director and ensuring Kairos remains true to its vision, mission and is achieving its charitable objectives. 

The Chair of the Board shall:

Lead the Board of Trustees in fulfilling its key functions, by ensuring:

  • The Board focuses on strategic and critical matters;
  • Lead by example and demanding high standards of Board member conduct;
  • Promote the highest standards of charity governance;
  • KairosWWT affairs are conducted in accordance with generally accepted codes of performance and propriety;
  • KairosWWT follows the recommendations of the Charity Commission;
  • Promote effective communication between the Board of Trustees and Director;
  • KairosWWT provides role profiles and competency frameworks to Trustees;
  • Board agrees the role of the Secretary;
  • Board agrees the role of Treasurer;
  • Board agrees the role of Director and establishing a constructive working relationship with and providing support for the Director, ensuring that the Board as a whole act in partnership with the employees;
  • The Director is replaced in a timely and orderly fashion;
  • Board receives professional advice where needed;
  • Board delegates sufficient authority to Trustees, the Director and others to enable the business of KairosWWT to be carried on effectively between Board meetings and ensuring that the Board monitors the use of these delegated powers;
  • Takes decisions delegated to the Chair, and
  • Takes decisions required urgently between Board meetings with the advice of the Director and following as wide a consultation with Board members and employees as possible (such decisions to be subsequently put before the Board for ratification and recorded in the minutes).
  • Active development of the Board skills and governance.
  • Board has a balanced mix of skills required.
  • Manage Board meetings and Annual General Meetings 
  • Ensure that appropriate appraisal and review mechanisms are in place for Board Trustees and senior staff:
  • Acting as a figurehead for KairosWWT, e.g. representing KairosWWT at functions, meetings or in the press.