Home-based HA9, Wembley


Job Description

London Rangers FC. Based on the Christian values of the management team & board, we want to be more than just a football Club: we want to be an agent of hope within London.....”​

London Rangers FC will be a Football Church..


  •  At the end of 5 years the club aim is to be:​

Playing at Step 5 in the National Football League

FA Community Charter Club​

Begin a heathly Church

​The main focus will be the development of a successful football team with homegrown players. Alongside this we will also clearly promote the development of youth by providing opportunities for those society marginalises. We aim to offer them a positive football/faith experience.​

We are looking for Board Members with a Christian faith, meetings will be in Evening or Weekends and can be done by phone, Some roles can be fulfilled remotely.

Any of the follow skills are desirable, but the most important is a heart to serve.We are more intrested in can you see the vision.

Church Pl*

Football Development*

Business Planning/ Business Management *

Charity or Company Law/Governance *

Education & Training *

Event Organisation *

Fundraising & Sponsorship *

PR, Marketing & Social Marketing *

Local Authority/ Government *

Project Management *

Risk Management *

Volunteer Management *