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We are a small non-profit organization legally established and with direct work in Andean populations, we invite you to participate and develop your professional skills in a project aimed at providing support and assistance to the population, children and women who come from migrant families from areas from the Peruvian Andes and that have been affected by political violence and segregation. social, economic and cultural poverty and extreme poverty, areas declared in extreme poverty in Peru.

The project takes place in the Mantaro Valley, in the Peruvian Andes, in areas where basic services and hygiene are lacking. The focus is on dysfunctional families suffering from social, economic and health problems.

It is also important to note that all these families, and especially children, are prone to diseases, conditions and easily preventable consequences, our job is to provide the necessary information and education to these people so that they can prevent and improve their health. and nutrition.

We intervene directly in these areas and communities, using a holistic approach and doing direct social work from home to home and in the facilities that we rent in the same field of work, we prefer this form of work instead of going to hospitals or clinics, because Our work social is pretty straightforward.

We are a social project that promotes an alternative form of non-commercial volunteering, which operates with a flat structure and works directly with the communities to promote their self-development. Our projects are carried out in the same communities and towns, with our own hands and resources, without intermediaries. In addition, we offer a real and fun method of cultural exchange.

What we offer

  • Accommodation in a comfortable and comfortable room.
  • Personalized support from an advisor with extensive knowledge, practical experience and university training in educational, social and cultural issues in Peru and Latin America.
  • Working in a team
  • a monthly stipend
  • certificate issued by a legal non-profit organization
  •  Improve your level of Spanish theoretically and above all practice. (optional) Exchange courses in: Peruvian foods, desserts and native plants.On weekends, excursions to many places such as Andean mountains and lakes, artisan villages, Inca ruins, waterfalls and jungle areas and others are not commercial.
  • (optional) experience the various forms of mysticism, holistic healing of the Andean and Inca positive knowledge
  •  Detailed information about the Inca culture, travel and geography of Peru.

Requirements :

  • Person with training in health and / or nutrition, as well as emotional health and ecology.
  • minimum age: 21 years
  • ability and patience to deal with very young girls (5-9 years) as well as issues related to women.
  •  It would be ideal to possess skills or interests related to yoga, fitness, holistic energy health, and related spiritual philosophies.
  • Has a open, adaptable and positive mindset.
  • Ability to integrate and work in a multicultural team.
  • Basic level of Spanish (optional)
  • People with empirical training in holistic health, psychology and alternative medicine can also participate.


Our organization is led by people with motivation, training and extensive experience in humanitarian and social areas, our work has more than 9 years of intense social work, this gives us the necessary experience and offers a genuine job, where you can develop your skills. , professional experience and achieve a rewarding form of personal growth, their skills are integrated as part of a team, we are not improvised in this matter, our social work is direct in areas where there is a great need for help for people in situations of extreme poverty (mainly focused on the Andes of Peru) and where the true culture of Peru still survives. Andean culture, cradle of the Inca civilization.

We also combine this with an intense and fun experience of cultural exchange, excursions and non-commercial expeditions to many interesting places in the mountain / jungle, practical courses: from lan

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