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Mission Direct is a Christian charity, formed in 2004, that takes volunteers on two-week mission trips to 11 countries, working in partner... Read more

Job Description

We are looking for smoeone new to join the family, running our projects in Sierra Leone from 2019.

Team dates to cover:  Spring: 30 March - 13 April and 20 April - 4 May
Autumn/Winter: 2 - 16 November and 23 November - 7 December with a 1-week reccy trip in Jan/Feb 2019

Many of our overseas staff have been on a Mission Direct trip - or something similar - as a volunteer and want to do more. Some join just to help run a couple of teams and some join for a whole campaign; others have gone on to move out to that country to support projects out there, or have started their own charity on the back of their experience. Whatever happens, the experience of being on staff team will change your life - and that of many others. 

We have seen many people defeat the barriers of finances, fears and self-doubt to join a staff team and run projects and have witnessed the personal transformation that they experience; both personal and spiritual. As part of the staff team, you experience a different culture fully, witnessing the full extent of the need as well as building long and lasting relationships with partners and people involved in the projects. You'll see lives changed, hope renewed and a joy of life and faith like you've never known. You will change people, but they too will change you. 

Sierra Leone is where Mission Direct began and we have a long history and many strong relationships in the country. As a Country Manager, you’ll get embedded into the community, building relationships with our partners as well as the people they reach. You’ll be the face of Mission Direct to that country, representing the charity to partners, projects, suppliers and trip volunteers. You’ll work to raise awareness of Mission Direct’s work in-country to potential financial supporters in the UK as well as investigating opportunities to recruit volunteers to join a 2-week trip.

You’ll run the 2-week volunteer teams – from logistics to pastoral care, project management to volunteer experience; ensuring that the project progresses and funds are raised to enable the build.

A typically Country Manager role:

  • Go on a pre-trip reccy with the Regional Manager
  • Support the Regional Manager in selecting future projects
  • Be the main representative for Mission Direct in-country
  • Liaise with the UK office team
  • Oversee the volunteers in country
  • Pastoral and spiritual support
  • Budgeting
  • Report-writing
  • Speak at events on behalf of Mission Direct
  • Organise in-country programs
  • Set up afternoon visits with other projects
  • Be able to commit for 3 years or more
  • Pass on in country donations
  • Attend orientation and debrief days

You can read about our past work and current projects on our website, via 'destinations - Sierra Leone'. 

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