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About the organisation

SAT-7 UK is a UK based charity that works to encourage the development of a growing church and to make the gospel visible to everyone in the Mi... Read more

Job Description

SAT-7 is at an interesting time in its history, as we prepare to transfer leadership of the organisation to a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  For this reason, we are looking for an experienced Chief Operating Officer (COO) who will work closely with the CEO-elect at this crucial time, helping SAT-7 through this transitional period and running key aspects of the ministry into the future. The goal of the COO position is to secure the functionality of SAT-7 to drive extensive and sustainable growth. 

Key responsibilities

In partnership with the CEO and the Middle East Management Team, this position will have the responsibility to promote the company’s culture, vision and mission through its operations and procedures. The COO plays a pivotal role in overseeing the development of the strategy, the technical operations and the impact evaluation of the work of SAT-7.  The COO will have line responsibility for key matrix functions and will also have day-to-day involvement with SAT-7’s channels implementing deputy-CEO and CEO initiatives. 

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